"Concerned Citizens of Prince George's County District 4 and the Surrounding Areas"

To preserve and advocate for the quality of life in our communities

The Prince George’s County Council has a meeting regarding CB-017-2019 October 8, 2019 at 1:30pm!

Please view the results of the hearing here.

Contact our County Executive Angela Alsobrooks (301)952-4131, your congressional representative: Anthony G. Brown https://anthonybrown.house.gov/contact/ phone: (202)225-8699, Senator Dogulas J.J. Peters https://www.senatorpeters.com phone: (301)858-3631 or (410)841-3631 House Congressman Steny Hoyer https://hoyer.house.gov/help/contact.

To sign up to speak at the Hearing. Advance Registration forms are accepted until close of business on the day before the hearing; however, registration is also accepted on-site before the hearing. Written statements may be submitted in addition to, or in lieu of, verbal testimony. To be accepted, written testimony or comments must be original, signed copies. E-mails or faxes will not be considered, unless followed by originals mailed to: Office of the Clerk of the Council | County Administration Building | Room 2198 | Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

You may also bring an original signed copy of your written statement to the County Council Hearing.

County Council Clerk’s Office, 301-952-3600
Todd M. Turner, 301-952-3094
Danielle M. Glaros, 301-952-3060
Thomas E. Dernoga, 301-952-3887
Monique Anderson-Walker, 301-952-3860
Deni L. Traveras, 301-952-4436
Mel Franklin, 301-952-2638
Derrick Leon Davis, 301-952-3426
Calvin S. Hawkins, 301-952-2195
Rodney C. Streeter, 301-952-3690
Jolene Ivey, 301-952-3864
Sydney J. Harrison, 301-952-3820
Steny Hoyer, 301-474-0119

Stop CB-017-2019 in the upcoming legislative session for Prince George’s County

Please get involved in order to preserve the quality of life along church road. Please sign our petition here!